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8 Travel Hacks for Your Journey

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Travel Hacks You Don’t Know You Need

Yes, you read that right – call us hopeful, call us betrayed, call us self-important, consider us whatever you like, however, what we have for you here are all the movement hacks you’ll ever require; from guaranteeing you never fail to catch a plane to discovering your very own ubiquitous guide, from ensuring your gadgets are continually attempting to weasel yourself a little VIP treatment, it’s everything here. Here are 45 travel hacks you’ll think about how you at any point managed without. read more

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If you want to travel to Europe, you must be able to prove your identity in EU or non-EU countries. Documents officially recognized by all European countries are the national identity card (except in Kosovo where the passport is obligatory) and the valid passport (at least 3 months before expiry). Here are all countries where you can travel with an outdated but theoretically find yours valid identity card. Think of your driving license in case you have to drive even if it is not planned.

Make sure you have taken all your papers before you leave read more