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If you want to travel to Europe, you must be able to prove your identity in EU or non-EU countries. Documents officially recognized by all European countries are the national identity card (except in Kosovo where the passport is obligatory) and the valid passport (at least 3 months before expiry). Here are all countries where you can travel with an outdated but theoretically find yours valid identity card. Think of your driving license in case you have to drive even if it is not planned.

Make sure you have taken all your papers before you leave

The validity of the CNI goes from 10 to 15 years automatically without modification of the card which causes refusals and poses problems. Take several pieces of identification that you will put away in safe and different places, ideally out of bags and pockets where pickpockets might find them.

Formalities with minors

Traveling with minors requires extra precautions especially if you are traveling by car and have to cross borders even in the EU. Minors must be in possession of a passport or an individual identity card. At the borders, one can ask (especially if the names are different) a document attesting the parental authority or the agreement of the holders of this authority. Do not forget to pack your family notebook in case you need to prove that your children are yours.

Money, exchange and commissions

If you travel to Europe in the euro zone, you will not have any bank charges related to your exchanges and your various transactions. When leaving the euro zone, you will be subject to bank charges for withdrawals of money as for each of your purchases, regardless of the amount. Fees vary from one bank to another, but they often include a fixed fee for the transaction and a percentage of the amount. It is possible to avoid paying bank charges by subscribing to specific options that your bank could offer or by opening an account on an online bank like Hello Bank which offers a lifetime credit card usable anywhere in Europe and in the world without the slightest expense!

Here are some tips about money traveling

Meet with your banker before your departure (at least two to three weeks) to find out about your bank’s terms and options that may limit your fees. Beware of exchange offices that display too ostentatiously 0 commission fees because they often hide bad exchange rate. Check the rates offered in various banks to find the best rate by comparing with the bank fees: beware the fees are often different between counter and banc mat. If you are traveling with a lot of money, consider spreading it in several places to limit the risk of theft.

Tips for car rental

Today, many engines can locate a large number of flight offers in one click and in seconds. However some search engines are not always reliable and take advantage of techniques such as IP Tracking to memorize your research and increase prices to encourage you to buy … These engines do not get there do not deceive since customers recognize that their reflex will buy from the 2nd or 3rd search when they see a sometimes noticeable increase from one request to another for the same period.

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